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Updated to the latest version 4.2

Euro Truck Evolution is a high-quality simulator of multi-ton vehicles that are engaged in the transportation of goods from the point of departure to the destination. The novelty from Ovidiu Pop studio is characterized by stunning detailing of settlements and tracks, takes into account the change of weather conditions and time of day, offers several control options, regularly throws up missions of increasing complexity and is friendly to both beginners and professional gamers.

The driving career in the project Euro Truck Evolution starts with the choice of location – mainly represented by the capitals of Europe, such as Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Prague and others. All locations are perfectly drawn and detailed, but especially admire their beauty and architectural monuments will be no time – the speed of cargo delivery depends on the payment. Having chosen the location and mission, you should go to the warehouse where the goods are stored and load them. Then you need to determine the route and go on the road, avoiding accidents and delivering the cargo safely to the customer.

In addition to the mandatory tasks exist in the simulator Euro Truck Evolution and additional missions, to perform them is not necessary, but desirable – money is never superfluous. The game unsurpassedly repeats the atmosphere of the process of cargo transportation through cities and towns, allowing you to literally be in the “skin” of a trucker: filled with traffic highways and highways, serpentine serpentine mountain roads, kilometers of traffic jams and congestion, brazen motorists trying to cut a multi-ton truck and so on.

Requires Android 5.0 or newer, mobile phone or tablet with ARM64 or ARM32 CPU.

Additional Information
Package Name com.ovilex.eurotruckdriver
Price $0.00 — Free app
Updated Feb 6, 2024
Installs 79.9 M+
Author Ovidiu Pop
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