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Android 4.4
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Updated to the latest version 9.14.0

Clash of Kings developed by Elex Wireless, immerses players into real-time strategy gameplay, tasking them with building a fortified city and leading a formidable army to expand their empire. Players must strategically construct various buildings to support their goals, including residential homes, military barracks, and research institutes. With careful planning and military prowess, players can extend their influence by capturing neighboring regions and overthrowing tyrannical rulers.

Featuring five unique civilizations, inspired by historical empires like the Vikings and Yamato, players can upgrade their castles, command diverse units, and engage in cross-server battles. Despite its familiar gameplay, Clash of Kings offers a compelling experience for strategy enthusiasts, available for free with optional in-game purchases. However, some drawbacks include the absence of personal chat features and the potential for imbalances caused by in-game purchases.

Requires Android 4.4 or newer, mobile phone or tablet with ARM64 or ARM32 CPU.

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Package Name
Price $0.00 — Free app
Updated Feb 8, 2024
Installs 95.5 M+
Author Elex Wireless
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