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Updated to the latest version 8.35.0

Photomath a revolutionary tool simplifying homework and math problems. Utilizing modern technology, it offers step-by-step solutions, including graphs and various methods, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. Despite its current limitations, the app’s potential is promising, with features like handwritten text recognition and expert-developed content.

Photomath breaks down problems into manageable steps, providing explanations for each, fostering understanding beyond just the solution. With billions of problems solvable, including word problems, it acts as a virtual tutor, available anytime, anywhere. Plus, its free version offers basic step-by-step explanations, making it accessible to learners of all levels.

With features like interactive graphs and multiple solution methods, Photomath caters to various mathematical topics, from algebra to calculus. Forbes lauds its usefulness for students without access to tutors, highlighting its step-by-step guidance. While the app continues to evolve, its current offerings provide invaluable support for learners worldwide.

Requires Android 5.0 or newer, mobile phone or tablet with ARM64 or ARM32 or x86_64 or x86 CPU.

Additional Information
Package Name com.microblink.photomath
Price $0.00 — Free app
Updated Feb 12, 2024
Installs 229.2 M+
Author Photomath LLC
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