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Android 5.1
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Updated to the latest version 1.180.38

Manor Cafe presents a blend of restaurant management simulation and match-3 puzzle mechanics, allowing players to transform a dilapidated establishment into a thriving hotspot. With guidance from the determined manager Megan and the perpetually grumpy yet endearing chef Bruno, players navigate through various tasks, revamping the interior design, upgrading kitchen equipment, and hiring new staff.

Throughout the game, players witness the dynamic relationships between characters, infused with humor and sarcasm. Beyond the main dining area, players also tend to other spaces, such as the garden and additional rooms, resolving issues as they arise.

Key features include vibrant visuals, engaging storyline, colorful characters, and social integration via Facebook for tracking friends’ progress. Daily rewards, simple controls, and an array of gifts, boosters, and bonuses enhance the gameplay experience.

In Manor Cafe, players tackle challenges progressively, completing tasks within a set number of moves while indulging in match-3 puzzles. By downloading this captivating game, players embark on a journey to become skillful, visionary, progressive, and generous bosses of their virtual empire.

Requires Android 5.1 or newer, mobile phone or tablet with ARM64 or ARM32 CPU.

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Updated Feb 12, 2024
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