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Android 5.0
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Kik — Messaging & Chat App offers a user-friendly messenger that competes with other popular apps. Features include voice and video calls, text chats, and group creation with up to 50 participants. Convenient message status notifications add informativeness.

To register on Kik — Messaging & Chat App, you need to provide basic information and verify your account. After that, you can add friends and create groups for communication.

Users can share content, complement messages with emojis, and track the online status of others. The app is free, doesn’t require a phone number, and doesn’t contain ads, providing an alternative to other messengers.

Kik — Messaging & Chat App is a place where you can chat with friends, join groups, and create your own, exchange opinions, and explore interests. Kik — Messaging & Chat App also offers the Kik Live feature, where you can broadcast or follow other users’ broadcasts.

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Requires Android 5.0 or newer, mobile phone or tablet with ARM64 or ARM32 or or x86_64 or x86 or mips CPU.

Additional Information
Package Name
Price $0.00 — Free app
Updated Feb 12, 2024
Installs 178.8 M+
Author MediaLab AI - Kik
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