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Art of War: Legions immerses players in medieval warfare, challenging them to outmaneuver their opponents tactically and strategically. As a commander, players assemble their army for battle, considering their own strengths and those of their enemies.

Battles unfold automatically, with miniature warriors engaging in combat, launching powerful sword strikes, deadly arrows, catapulted rocks, and activating magical abilities based on the available unit cards.

While players mostly observe the action, they can occasionally intervene by deploying additional warriors to the battlefield. Combining identical units before battle enhances their effectiveness.

Key features include assembling legendary heroes, releasing additional fighters during crucial moments, reinforcing units through mergers, and strategically outplaying opponents in PvP arenas.

As players progress through fifteen initial stages, special missions with generous rewards become available, with the opportunity to engage in arena battles against other real players after completing thirty victorious battles.

Requires Android 4.4 or newer, mobile phone or tablet with ARM32 CPU.

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Updated Feb 9, 2024
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